The detention center facility location will be based on the long-term needs of the Jackson County Justice System as informed by the validation of need and programming phases of the project. A formalized process based on the following criteria has been implemented to best determine the site’s location:

  • At least 50 acres without underlying concerns (poor soil, wetland, or environmental issues) that may increase the cost of site development. 

  • A travel-time distance of 20-30 minutes between the site and the Downtown and Independence Courthouses, and Truman Medical Center.

  • Ease of highway or arterial access and other forms of transportation including the bus line and transit opportunities.
  • A surrounding area deemed safe and visible, with limited adjacent residential areas or other sensitive land use.
  • Availability to adjacent public and private utilities (sewer, power, gas, telephone/data).
  • Preferable unincorporated property in Jackson County that is convenient for commuters, staff and the public.
  • The site must allow for efficient and cost-effective facility operations.

An independent agent will identify sites meeting this criteria and present them to the county and consulting team. Quantitative and qualitative data will be used to objectively evaluate and short list the potential sites using the criteria above. Based upon availability, evaluation of developability, and appropriate economic value, a single site recommendation will be made to the Legislature for approval.