Programming Phase

The Programming Phase guides county officials in the preparation of a new jail design that will accurately meet the goals, objectives, and conditions for both the immediate and future needs of the county. JCDC Partners has developed a programming strategy to review the main facility components of a new detention center and to discuss the current facility and operational state, trends and benchmarks, and desired future operational state and associated space needs. In essence, the programming document determines how the facility is built.

In the process of developing the programming strategy, over 20 bi-weekly virtual program sessions were conducted between April and June 2020 with stakeholders that included the Steering Committee, county representatives, and sheriff’s staff. Three case studies of detention facilities across the nation were conducted in conjunction with the programming sessions to review best practices for intake/transfer/release facilities, medical and mental health, and housing alternatives.

A programming document was produced to provide a vision for the future detention facility. Elements of the program have been defined by core principals, including state-of-the-art detention center standards; equitable and evidence-based treatment and training opportunities; and a safe, secure, and efficient program to meet the long-term needs of the county. An emphasis was made to create a facility that would provide an atmosphere where every person, including those in custody, staff, and visitors can find success. With focus on healing and rehabilitation, the facility looks to offer productive outcomes for all parties.

The programming document was presented to the County Legislature on September 28, 2020.