Why is the County building a new jail?

The County began the process of evaluating their existing facility in 2016 by conducting several studies to evaluate the operation and maintenance costs of the facility along with the design and configuration for criminal justice best management practices. Two major concerns, overcrowding and deteriorating facilities, drove the County to look at alternatives. Further studies determined a new jail would be more cost effective for the County to maintain than renovating the existing facility. Plus, an updated design would allow for the integration of programs and services to assist in reducing recidivism for the Jackson County community. More information can be found on the development of the facility here.

Where is the site?

After an extensive site evaluation spanning over 40 potential locations, the facility will be built at 7000 E US Highway 40 in Kansas City, Missouri. More information can be found on the site here.

The County determined the size of the facility by conducting a thorough needs assessment to validate the square footage and necessary number of beds to service the needs of Jackson County’s judicial system. The needs assessment was completed in 2020 with an updated version conducted in 2023. More information on the needs assessments can be found here.

What is the cost for the new facility?

Once the needs assessment, program and criteria were developed for the new facility, the county selected a design builder to provide a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) to build the facility. The joint venture team JE Dunn + Axiom Construction delivered the GMP of $301, 162,067 to construct the new facility. More information can be found on the financing of the project under the “funding” block here.

When will the new facility open?

The new facility will be open in early 2026. More information on the project schedule can be found here.

How can the public participate in the conversation about the new facility?

The County began public outreach in 2020 through a series of meetings with the community, stakeholders, and advocacy groups in Jackson County. Outreach continues as the project progresses with in person and virtual engagement. Additionally, project updates are given to the County Legislature monthly. The meetings are open to the public and can be viewed online through the County’s portal. Written reports from the Legislative updates can be found here. [hyperlink]. The County has met and continues to meet with the neighborhood and business associations located near the new site for the project. For more information on how to connect on the project, please visit the footer of the website for a “contact us” prompt.

Where can I find information on employment opportunities at the new facility?

Employment opportunities to assist with building the facility can be found here.

Opportunities to work in the facility as a County employee can be found by scanning this QR code.